Business Unit Manager Accounting for our Funds Department

Business Unit Manager Accounting for our Funds Department

Intertrust Group


The Position

The BUM (A) co-manages together with the BUM (L&C) under supervision of (and in pro-active interaction with) the BUD the Business Unit to realise the BU and local Budget within the Local and Global Group Strategy. The BUM (A) under the supervision of the BUD and in close co-operation with BUM (L&C), is responsible for managing the day-to-day day financial and administrative affairs relating to client companies in the BU. The BUM (A) manages the Accounting sub-team of the BU and delegates the daily management to one or more MAS.

Your Responsibilities


  • The BUM (A) manages the planning and activities of the Accounting sub-team.
  • He/she defines specific objectives and scope of work to be done and ensures that the services delivered to the clients are in accordance with Intertrust standards.
  • The BUM (A) monitors and reviews the status of the Financial Statements, Tax Declarations (CIT, VAT), other required reports (regulatory or investors reporting), as well as the timing of Board and General Meetings and the statutory filing of the client companies
  • The BUM (A) reviews the time writing of the Accounting sub-team on a weekly basis to ensure appropriate chargeability and a proper invoicing of the work on behalf of clients in accordance with the “Time Recording” process and procedure.
  • The BUM (A) ensures timely and correct invoicing and review of breakdowns in accordance with the “Invoicing” process and procedure.
  • The BUM (A) is responsible for the cash collection of the outstanding invoices in accordance with the “Accounts Payable Management” process and procedure.
  • He/she assists the BUD in hiring new staff members for the BU.
  • The BUM (A) organises (and conducts where applicable) the annual appraisal, promotions, goal settings and development process of the Accounting sub-team.
  • The BUM (A) is responsible for the people management process in the Accounting sub-team, including, but not limited to, providing appropriate training, coaching, feedback and giving clear ambitious and achievable targets to the Accounting sub-team.

Client Accounting and Reporting

  • The BUM (A) ensures he/she and the Accounting sub-team fully understand the transactions and the related accounting entries taken place during the year and are able to clearly and fully explain and document these transactions on behalf of stakeholders (auditors, clients etc.)
  • The BUM (A) ensures timely recording of transactions during the year.
  • The BUM (A) reviews and signs-off on the financial statements and financial reports prepared by the BU in accordance with the “Drafting, Approval and Filing of Annual Accounts” process and procedure.
  • The BUM (A) is responsible for the timely filing of the financial statements at the RCS and if applicable for the timely financial reporting to the stakeholders (regulator, exchange, bank etc.).
  • The BUM (A) ensures the proper maintenance of the accounting files (completeness, accuracy, updating etc.) of the Accounting sub-team in accordance with the “Filing” and “Archiving” processes and procedures.

Tax Compliance

  • The BUM (A) is responsible for the review and sign-off of the calculations of tax provisions.
  • For tax returns prepared by Intertrust or by an external party, the BUM (A) ensures the reviews of the returns before sending the tax file to the tax department for final review.
  • The BUM (A) is responsible for the timely filling of the internally and externally prepared tax returns in line with applicable legal deadlines.
  • The above tasks must be executed in accordance with the “Prepare and file tax returns” process and procedure.


  • The BUM (A) actively participates in risk management and compliance.
  • The BUM (A) ensures active transaction monitoring of the companies in the BU in accordance with the “Transaction Monitoring” process and procedure.
  • Admininstrative Aspects
  • The BUM (A) completes on a daily basis his/her time-writing to ensure appropriate chargeability and a proper invoicing of the work on behalf of clients in accordance with the “Time Recording” process and procedure.
  • The BUM (A) is responsible for the timely and correct execution and verification of the payment instructions in accordance with the “Bank Payments and Client Admin” process and procedure.

Corporate Secretarial

  • The BUM (A) ensures the review of the draft minutes of any Board of Directors Meetings and the General Meeting of Shareholders discussing and/or approving financial transactions and/or events.
  • The BUM (A) together with the BUM (L&C) ensures cooperation between the Accounting and Legal & Corporate sub-teams to manage/conduct the necessary financial aspects of specific transactions (incorporation, liquidation, migrations, closings etc.).

Relationship Management

  • The BUM (A) ensures the Accounting sub-team follows the 24 hour response policy (internally and externally).
  • The BUM (A) ensures appropriate organisation and welcome of clients during client meetings.
  • The BUM (A) ensures timely organisation and preparation of board meetings (leadership, location, social program, board pack, minutes…).
  • The BUM (A) monitors and ensures clear, efficient and professional communication between sub-team members and third parties.
  • The BUM (A) takes ownership in maintaining the relationship with existing clients and intermediaries. This should result in longstanding and profitable relationships with clients and intermediaries and limit client outflow.

Business Development

  • The BUM (A) together with the BUD and BUM (L&C) and the sales members of the BU prepares and ensures execution of the Commercial Business Plan and Annual BU Budgets (where applicable).
  • The BUM (A) attends meetings of prospects and intermediaries in order to present Intertrust and its services. He/she participates in business trips for visiting existing clients, intermediaries and new potential clients.
  • Act as Director/Manager on Board of client companies.
  • The BUM (A) is expected to take on the role of Director/Manager on the boards of client companies in accordance with the “Directors and Managers” procedure and policy.

Who we are looking for

Required Education and Experience

  • University or professional studies in accounting or equivalent level gained through relevant professional experience and continuous professional learning.
  • 8-9 years relevant experience in an international Accounting, Audit or Trust environment.
  • Solid knowledge of Lux GAAP and Luxembourg and international Tax Law (including, but not limited to, holding and finance structures, incorporations, joint ventures, liquidation procedures, (group) financing rules and corporate transactions, etc.).

Required Languages

  • Fluent in English, both verbally and in writing.
  • Additional language requirements may apply.

Required Business Applications

  • MS Office.

Other Required Skills

  • Excellent organization and communication skills.
  • Solid analytical skills.

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