How to reach our strongly focused audience

BrusselsJobs offers three different types of inexpensive advertising options:

  • High impact website banner advert options
  • Targeted advertising for education and courses
  • Effective weekly newsletter advert options

(And don't forget our sister site, which is aimed at European Affairs experts and expats. We can offer advertising packages covering both websites at attractive rates.)

Website Banner Adverts

Placing a Leaderboard website banner on BrusselsJobs will give you access to this large but still extremely focused audience at very competitive rates.

Your advert is displayed prominently at the top of the site:


Get listed in our Education & Courses Section

Our Education & Courses page gives you access to thousands of professionals actively looking at career and training possibilities in and around Brussels. That is why universities, colleges, language schools and seminar providers use us to connect with their target group.

We offer different rates according to how long your logo & text advert is online:

  • 3 month listing is 600 EUR
  • 6 months is 1000 EUR
  • 12 months is 1800 EUR

Newsletter Banners

Reach 7 000 focused job seekers in one day, in an email that is read carefully by the recipient every week. Your ad can be placed at the top of this effective news medium - just below the BrusselsJobs logo.

Choose among other possiblities from:

  • Logo plus Text advert. Text of 300 characters plus logo (120 x 60 px)
  • Leaderboard Banner (728 x 90 px, <50k)

We offer rebates for multiple orders. Please note text may be adjusted to suit our style.

General advantages

  • We offer rebates for multiple orders
  • Advertising at BrusselsJobs follows standard formats in order to preserve our strong brand credibility
  • We have a large, but focused audience, that you can reach quickly and easily for very fair prices. Your ads can be online within a few hours, giving immediate results
  • (Please note text ads may be adjusted to suit our style.)


BrusselsJobs has a very straightforward weekly cycle for our clients.

  • Weekly BrusselsJobs newsletter is sent out every Wednesday morning
  • The web pages are updated every day - no deadlines
  • Public holidays: We even update during most holidays

Contact Us

We would be pleased to put together an attractive package offer to reach the right audience for you. For all advertising enquires please contact us at .

More details

For any advertising enquires, please contact us at .
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For more details about BrusselsJobs, see the page About BrusselsJobs.

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