Strategies for Job Hunting: How Candidates Can Stand Out in 2023?

  • The Success “Mindset” - Prepare to Succeed
  • How to Emphasise The Positive in your Candidacy?
  • Identifying the Right Strategy for Your Job Hunting Needs

Job seeking candidates generally view the process of searching for a new role as a mix of frustration, encountering difficult people, lacking control over their lives and their futures, along with a general sense of unpleasantness. At its core, job hunting is incredibly complex and time consuming. However, this general feeling doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. In this article, we will highlight strategies for success in 2023.

The Success “Mindset” – Prepare to Succeed

As Confucius stated: “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” 

The act of getting a job is a process which is centred upon preparation. Success is based on understanding the process, working towards the milestones and focusing on the result. However, the first thing any prospective job hunter needs to do is self-assess their own experiences. You need to focus on your work and academic histories, any volunteering, military or public service, your values and cultural needs, followed by an understanding of your short- and longer-term ambitions and how this will playout in terms of a lifestyle you want to live? 

By understanding the above, you can spend time crafting resumes and covering letters along with any necessary portfolios highlighting your accomplishments that match your unique life-goal needs and the needs of your prospective employer. Your journey towards job hunting success is based on preparation and following the key milestones whilst balancing the self-assessment of your experiences and skills and how they intersect with the role and the organisation. Understanding these experiences and preparing for the covering letter, the pre-interview telephone call, the face-to-face interview will lead to succeed. 

How to Emphasise The Positive in your Candidacy?

Whilst preparation is key, having the right personal positive attitude can make all the difference. This doesn’t mean being “happy” all the time. This is about pace and how to pace yourself during what will be a long-term experience. Having a positive mindset can help as the job-hunting process can sometimes force candidates outside of their comfort zone – for example some job interviews will require presentations which for introverts can be difficult. Therefore, focussing on personal positive attitudes and developing a longer-term mindset can help individuals overcome challenging or new experiences.

Identifying the Right Strategy for Your Job Hunting Needs

Whilst your journey towards job success will be in part based on nurturing a positive mindset whilst focussing on preparedness, the other element of a successful outcome will be on the processes taken to focus on the right pathways for job hunting success. Finding the right process can be difficult and time consuming. However, variety can help job hunters succeed.

Networking is a central part of job-hunting success. Using your familial or friend-based networks to contact possible employers can be a successful strategy. Others utilise the networks of professional colleagues – via platforms like LinkedIn – to engage directly with prospective employers. 

Others will email or phone an employer they wish to work for directly, they will highlight how their values and skills match the organisational culture and to discuss any possible current or future employment opportunities. 

Recruitment agencies provide value to a range of job hunters as they can engage directly with recruiters who are sourcing candidates within specific fields or industries with exact requirements based on skills and experiences.

Engaging with recruitment offices of government or non-profit organisations can also lead to job hunting success. Contacting government departments or agencies to help identify possible employment routes and then engaging with the departmental or shared service recruitment to apply for a job can lead to job hunting success.

Finally, engaging with industry bodies or trade associations is another great way of identifying possible employment routes and finding vacancies. By understanding the ways organisations advertise vacancies, finding the right mix of engagement means can result in job seeking triumph.


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