IT Web & Content Channels Engineer

IT Web & Content Channels Engineer

UCB - Union Chimique Belge

Brussels, Belgium

About the role

This position will be responsible for aligning digital IT Content Channels (Web, eDetail, and eMail) with business requirements. The role involves collaborating with the Brand, Agency, and other internal stakeholders to document and manage the process for incorporating changes to the frontend Meta Frameworks (Next.js, Drupal, etc.), which are crucial for bringing Channel experiences to life. The ideal candidate should be comfortable working on both traditional and decoupled experiences and will play a key role in guiding a team to deliver a high-quality product for our stakeholders.

Who you’ll work with

The successful candidate will collaborate with various roles in Architecture, Engineering, UI/UX, and Delivery teams to ensure that the technology solutions not only align with but actively support the improvement of core content delivery capabilities through both MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) and Monolithic content channel architectures.

What you’ll do

  • Work closely with stakeholders to understand, refine, and align technology solutions with business needs;
  • Drive the engineering of a platform-independent MACH architecture across Motivation, Strategy, Business, Application, and Technology Layers;
  • Ensure technology solutions enable and support the Modern Channel Foundation initiatives for enhanced content delivery capabilities;
  • Providing strategic leadership in MACH CMS architecture, defining and driving the evolution of our digital ecosystem;
  • Manage the technical delivery of custom development, integrations, and data migration elements of CMS platforms;
  • Establish and enforce engineering governance to ensure consistency and alignment with organizational goals (standardized frameworks);
  • Communicate a standard design process to ensure interoperability, quality control, and integration of vendor components;
  • Contribute to leveraging strategic partnerships effectively, ensuring proper deployment of work to suitable teams and locations;
  • Actively engage in deep dives to ensure technology solutions actively support and enhance core content delivery capabilities, collaborating closely with the relevant stakeholders;
  • Monitori and enhance our infrastructure investment to ‘right match’ our development, performance and security needs;
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to enhance consolidated channel implementation for consistent delivery across eDetail, eMail, and Web channels;
  • Support the development and improvement of Content Model Capability (Backend CMS, CIAM) and Template Capability (Frontend CMS, UX) to streamline content delivery;
  • Work alongside stakeholders to implement consolidated Content Performance strategies that drive business effectiveness;
  • Contribute to enhancing Commercial Content Work Management Capability (Assignment Desk, Content Creation) and Evidence-based Content Capability (Key Message, Claims, and Reference Linking to Commercial Content).

Interested? For this role we’re looking for the following education, experience and skills

  • Bachelor's degree in ICT, engineering, or computer science-related fields;
  • 5+ years of deep expertise in the software engineering development of CMS technologies, including headless CMS platforms, API design, and content modeling;
  • In-depth knowledge of a broad range of technologies, including but not limited to Next.js, JS, PHP, Serverless functions, and Security/WASP standards, microservices, API design, cloud-native technologies, and headless architecture, Drupal;
  • Proven experience as a solutions engineer or similar role with a focus on modern application architecture;
  • Strong understanding of software development methodologies, DevOps practices, and agile frameworks;
  • Expertise in aligning technology solutions with business objectives, particularly content delivery;
  • Proficiency in backend and frontend content management systems and related technologies.

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